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Gandate Picnic in Hida-Osaka

More than 200 years ago, Kakumei, a Buddhist monk found a route to the summit of Mt.Ontake. The tour follows this ancient trail, passes Mitsudaki, and guides you through oak trees up to the long bluff of Gandate. There are some interesting spots on this route, such as Ontake Iwa, and Kirinoki hole, where once an ogre was believed to live. This is the route of legends.
You can easily join and enjoy the local guide’s talk. and appreciate the surrounding nature with your five senses… which might induce your 6th sense!?
Enjoy this 2km round trip. Allow extra 2 hours for a longer course to see two other falls, Akaganetoyo and Karatanidaki. Each fall has its own character: different faces, different music.


Gandate Park

A big bluff made from Mt.Ontake’s eruption 54,000years ago.



Finding a rainbow over the fall may give you a good luck.


Gifu-side mount trail found by Kakumei 200years. Now we follow his route…



Japanese oaks forest



Field tea ceremony


●Hiking with a guide from NPO Hida-Osaka200 falls foundation
A well-trained guide with a long career helps you learn how to feel and enjoy the nature of Hida-Osaka. Explore the treasure of Hida-Osaka hidden deep in the park using your senses.

●Why don’t you stay at one of the spa resorts, such as Gero,Hida-Takayama and Hida-Osaka area, for the night before hiking?

40minutes drive to Gandate Park from Gero,
45minutes drive from downtown Takayama access

>> information to Gandate here.

Scheduled date

Sat, Sun and National Holiday (from May 12 to the final holiday Nov/ 2012)


short tour 10:00 AM to 12:00 (approximately)
* If you want to visit on weekdays, please contact us.

Meeting Place At the information center in Gandate Park

for short tour

Adult: ¥2,000   Kids: ¥500 (15 and under)

for long tour

Adult: ¥3,000   Kids: ¥500 (15 and under)
※For long tours only, a boxed lunch(made with local ingredients) is available with additional cost of ¥700.
: w /Japanese green tea

Qualifying Age All ages
* Guardian needed for kid under 7yso
Number of participants 1 to 10 persons
Outfit Comfortable wears (long sleeve, long pants recommended)
Contact Information

NPO Hida Osaka 200 falls foundation
※Reservation must be made by 16:00, one day prior to the date.
※Online reservation must be made by 3 days prior to the date.
  Please note that the reservation will be confirmed on a first-come-first-served basis.

Contact Us
Advantage for paticipants

A discount ticket for Himeshagano yu only valid for that day will be provided.
¥600 → ¥400 (1 person)


・In case of bad weather, Tours may be canceled.
・Summer vacation, especially mid-August, will be a busy period, and we recommend early departure.

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