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together with naturally carbonated hot spring.


Hida-Osaka Shower-Climbing is an adventure that you can swim in rivers, dive into waterfall basins, and slide down natural water sliders! In addition to that, you can soak yourself into a hot spring bath right after the tour! You would love the combination of the exciting tour in the river and the soothing feeling in the warm high-dense naturally carbonated hot spring.

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Tour dates Saturday, June 29, 2019 to Monday, September 23, 2019
Price JPY 8,640 per person.
The price includes tax, guide fee, gear rentals and a free hot spring ticket.
※Scroll down to see if you are eligible for the discount.
Where to meet Hida-Osaka Visitor Center
→ Google Map
Free transportation from JR Hida-Osaka Station is available upon request at the time of booking.
Please meet us at Hida-Osaka station at 8:30 AM.
Start 9:00 AM at Hida-Osaka Visitor Ceneter.
Finish 1:00 PM at Himeshaga-no-yu. After the tour, please enjoy the high-dense naturally carbonated hot spring bath as long as your time allows.
Number of participants Minimum 2 people and maximum 15 people.
Please contact us individually if your group is bigger than 15 people.
Reservation due Please make a reservation at least 3 days before the tour date.
Payment Cash to be paid on the day of the tour.
  • Meet us at One-day spa, Himeshaga-no-yu.Meet us at Hida-Osaka Visitor Center.
  • Fully equipped.  Let’s go!Fully equipped. Let’s go!
  • Feels so nice, floating!Feels so nice, floating!
  • Frog says “Hi” to you!Frog says “Hi” to you!
  • No fearof the strong current?No fear of the strong current?
  • No fear of climbing the waterfall?No fear of climbing the waterfall?
  • We made it to the goal, YES!We made it to the goal, YES!
  • Many dives on the way back.Many dives on the way back.
  • And a water slider.And a water slider.
  • The circle of friends.The circle of friends.
  • The tour is over, we had fun!The tour is over, we had fun!
  • Soak yourself in the high-dense naturally carbonated hot spring!Soak yourself in the high-dense naturally carbonated hot spring!

Time Table

Time In detail
9:00 AM Meet at Hida-Osaka Visitor Center.
Finish the sign-up, listen to instructions, and put the wet suits and all gears.
Leave for One-day spa, Himeshaga-no-yu to deposit your car.
9:50 AM Leave Himeshaga-no-yu and head to the river.
10:10 AM Tour start. (Duration 2 to 2.5 hours.)
12:40 PM Tour finish. Head back to Himeshaga-no-yu.
1:00 PM Arrive at Himeshaga-no-yu.
The whole program is over.
Change clothes and enjoy your time at the hot spring bath.

※Time table is subject to change depending on the conditions of the river and number of participants.


22 years and younger has a JPY 1,000 discount!
Dates 1. Saturday, June 29, 2019 to Wednesday, July 31, 2019
2. Tuesday, August 20, 2019 to Monday, September 23, 2019
* There is no discount between August 1st and August 19th.
Discount 22 years and younger are eligible for a discount of JPY 1,000.
Conditions Below two conditions are required to receive this discount.
1. Born on or after January 1, 1997.
2. Reservations are to be made via official web site or telephone.
Other information Multiple discounts may be applied.

Accommodations in Hida-Osaka.

There are variety types of accommodations in Hida-Osaka. Why don’t you stay in Hida-Osaka to make it easier to join the tour?
* Please make a reservation by yourself.


Name Price (Reference use only) TEL Access to the meeting point
Minpaku Taki JPY 3,000, not including tax 0576-62-2818 10 minutes by car
Nopposanchi JPY 4,500~, including tax 080-1581-1652 5 minutes by car
Sando JPY 3,500, not including tax 0576-62-3201 1 minute on foot

Japanese style ryokan with onsen, hot spring bath

Name Price (Reference use only) TEL Access to the meeting point
Senyukan JPY 10,000~ 0576-62-3005 7 minutes by car
Okudaya JPY 9,000~ 0576-62-3006 7 minutes by car
Sengakukan JPY 12,000~ 0576-62-3010 7 minutes by car
Nikonikosou JPY 10,500~ 0576-62-3022 7 minutes by car

* Price (Reference use only) is per adult with dinner and breakfast, not including tax.


Name Price (Reference use only) TEL Access to the meeting point
Hida-Osaka Fureai-no-mori JPY 9,000~, not including tax 0576-62-2910 6 minutes by car

* Price (Reference use only) is per lodge for 4 people.

What To Bring

Item In detail
Swimsuits Bathing suit to wear under the wet suit.
Normal underwear is fine if your bathing suit has some ornaments.
Rash guard If you have one, please bring yours.
Best that is with long sleeves and long pants, without a hoodie.
Changing clothes Clothes that you wear after the tour.
A towel There is no towel rentals at Himeshaga-no-yu.
Please bring your own towel, or purchase it at site.
(Small towel JPY 270, and big towel JPY 550.)
Others Health Insurance Card for emergency.


Question Answer
Can children join? Yes, if they are taller than 140 cm (4’7”), and weigh more than 25 kg (55 lb), they can join the tour.
Can elderly people join? Yes, if they are healthy and 70 years or younger, they can join.
I’m not good at swimming. As long as you don’t have a very strong phobia of water, there’s no problem.
Can beginners enjoy it? Beginners are very welcome!
Even if you’ve never hiked in the mountains, you can fully enjoy our tour.
I have some worries about my health condition. If you have gone through one of the followings, we recommend you seek advice to your personal doctor before signing up.
1. Asthma
2. Circulatory diseases
3. Back problem
4. Dislocation
Do I fit the wet suit? The smallest size of the wet suit is 140 cm (4’7”), and weight 25 kg (55 lb).
The biggest is 190 cm (6’2”) and weight 90 kg (198 lb).

Please read through requirements and notice below.
・ Requirements
・ Important notice and weather policy


No.1 A free ticket for One-day spa Himeshaga-no-yu.
The ticket is valid only on the day of the tour.
No.2 Our guide will take pictures during the tour. If you bring your own memory device such as USB flash, SD card etc. we will copy the data to your memory device right after the tour. Also, web album service for picture downloading is available.

Check out the video of Hida-Osaka SHOWER-CLIMBING!

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