Hida-Osaka Falls

Hida-Osaka Falls - Hida-Osaka's 200 Waterfalls - Gero city, Gifu prefecture, Japan

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200 and more waterfalls are waiting for you, here in Hida-Osaka
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54 thousand years ago Mt. Ontake erupted and scattered lava.
Lava flowed down into Nigorugo creek and Hyoedani, along which unique and unusual shaped waterfalls were created.
Before the eruption, the earth had already started to make shape by repeated continental drift and volcanic activities.
New lava flowed over former rocks, creeks and waterfalls, or shaped its own new style.
This is what now we can see now: over 200 falls and creeks in Hida-Osaka, including Ryumonntaki, unique 3-dimensional intersection of a lava bridge and a stream, Shokedaki Falls, a basin with a dry waterfall, Ogidaki, a fall without an outlet.
Senjonotaki was given its name by Hajime Furuta, Governor of Gifu Prefecture.

Waterfalls – many of which are made of lava – have been changing their shapes from encroachment and deformation.
Key words for Osaka-cho’s falls are “columnar joint” and “platy joint”.
These two geological terms describe how they were made.
Columnar joint is formed as a result of contraction and cracking during cooling in lava flow pouring over rocks.
On the other hand, platy joint is made of lava drained onto rocks with water and layered horizontally like stairs.
Senjonotaki is made of platy joint, while Zaimokudaki is made of columnar joint.
Each season has its own feature and each seasonal visit gives you different discoveries.
If you step deep into the valley, you will find fish jumping or spawning in autumn, birds singing…these will help clear your head, get relaxed and relieve stress.

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