Hida-Osaka Falls

Kaironotaki - Hida-Osaka Falls - Hida-Osaka's 200 Waterfalls - Gero city, Gifu prefecture, Japan

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  • Difficulty Level 3
  • Hiking time 6
  • Number of falls 4
  • Need trecking shoes

Sawaradani is a canyon with a lot of large rocks strewn over its stream passage.


Kaironotaki 40m (131 feet)

Kaironotaki, meaning a “fall of corridor” in Japanese, is not accessible. The narrow gorge and the deep stream prevent us from approaching. You can only see this fall from 30m’s (35 yard ) distance. However, you might be able to get closer in future, because rocks and pebbles have been carried from upstream into this corridor-like stream shallow.

Kanmonnotaki 40m ( 131feet)

Sekimonnotaki, always sad, is shedding tears onto the passage. This fall looks very graceful, but it will take about an hour to scramble up and skirt around this fall to get to the next fall.


Dscending to the creek again, seeing Yozaemondani on the other side of the bank, you will pick your way upstream to another fall. Soon Mumeino-taki will be seen on your left. With not so much water, this fall has 89m ( 292 feet ) of height with 4 decks. On its half way falling down to the creek, another hole spouts out water, beautifully, presenting water’s “joint dance show”.


You will see many Japanese cypresses which are over 300 years old, such as Sawara and Hinoki. The area around the waterfalls is very steep and that’s why they have survived the logging.

clothing and gear

Walking boots (additional wading shoes preferable), extra clothing, rain gear, packed lunch and towel ( in case rope )
Wading shoes are available for rent.

  • wading 4
  • scrambling around falls 3
For your safety and to protect national forests, an entrance permit is required. Visits to the falls are only available by guided tours.
All the tours need to be booked at least ten days in advance for permit procedures.

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