Hida-Osaka Falls

Kannondaki - Hida-Osaka Falls - Hida-Osaka's 200 Waterfalls - Gero city, Gifu prefecture, Japan

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  • Difficulty Level 2
  • Hiking time 4
  • Number of falls 4
  • Need trecking shoes

This tour goes through the narrowest gorge of all the hiking courses.
The tour features the roaring waterfall, Tateiwanotaki, with the drop of 45m, Kannondaki with a pair of huge rocks serving as a gateway, and Shiodaki with a thread-like fall in a circular gorge.
You can also find some mineral springs in Wakatochidani.
Beginner-Intermediate level. Especially beautiful with autumn foliage in late October.
On the way to Kannondaki, you can see fresh greenery in spring and red leaves in autumn.


Kannondaki 9m(30feet)

Kannnonndaki(“Goddess of Mercy” falls) can be found after 20 minutes’ walking from the entrance of Sikayamasuji logging road. There are two different explanations for the origin of the name. The shape of the waterfall between two huge rocks resembles the image of Kannonn, the deity of mercy. The other is that the statue of Kannon was once kept in the rock above the falls -- we can find the story in The legends of Osaka, local folk tales. You might be able to spot remaining parts of the altar.

Tateiwanotaki 45m(148feet)

After ascending slightly onto the streamside trail of Tateiwadani, a tributary of Shikayamasuji, and walking for about 1 hour, you will have an unexpected encounter with Tateiwanotaki. What a huge waterfall God created in this small gorge!

Shiodaki 9m(30feet)

Walk along the old logging railroad, descend to Wakatochidani, and go upstream in the gorge, and you will get to a cylinder-shaped basin. A waterfall plummets into the basin from the top of the gorge.
※ You will have to wade the 30cm-deep water near the basin.


Unlike Nigorigogawa and Hyoedani, these gorges do not have any remain of lava flow that Mt. Ontake’s volcanic activity caused about 54,000 years ago. They both have different faces, opened up and bright.
Following this narrow Tateiwadani gives you unusual experiences: walking narrow animal paths, scrambling some rocks. It can be thrilling and may not be suitable for those afraid of heights.
Kamoshikamichi If you read The Legends of Osaka before exploring, it will give you better understanding of the falls and perhaps satisfy your curiosity.
Rope will be a good help for descending to the creek.


A puddle on the right bank of Kannondaki has a legend in which people used to use its water for rain-making rituals.

Clothing and gear

Walking boots (wading shoes ,are preferable ), rain gear, packed lunch, towel, and extra clothing.
Wading shoes are available for rent.

For your safety and to protect national forests, an entrance permit is required. Visits to the falls are only available by guided tours.
All the tours need to be booked at least ten days in advance for permit procedures.
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