Hida-Osaka Falls

Mitsudaki - Hida-Osaka Falls - Hida-Osaka's 200 Waterfalls - Gero city, Gifu prefecture, Japan

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  • Difficulty Level 1
  • Hiking time 3
  • Number of falls 5
  • Sneakers OK

This is the most popular course. It starts from Ichinotorii Park at the Kyu-Ontake trail entrance, follows the nature trail along Ontake Lava Flow, and visits the spectacular Gandate(natural monument), Mitsudaki and Akaganetoyo.


Mitsudaki  (Upper Fall: 5m, Middle Fall: 11m, Lower Fall: 6m)

After walking down the trail for five minutes from the Gandate Park, you will find a dynamic 3-tiered waterfall.

Akaganetoyo 14m

Cross the Gyojabashi Bridge and follow the Sawaradani Trail for 30 minutes, and you will come to Akaganetoyo fall.
“Akagane” signifies copper, while “Toyo” means rainwater gutter. Even though there is no water in the gutter during the dry season, the basin never dries up. This is because water flows underground. This fall is unique in Osaka for not having the term “taki”(fall) in its name.

Karatanidaki 15m

“Karatanidaki” fall can be found after 1 minute’s walk from Akaganetoyo in the main stream of Sawaradani. The ancient basin has formed a huge dome over the current basin, which echoes the sound around the area. In the afternoon of a sunny day, you can enjoy rainbows, too.


Mitsudaki is made of black-colored, rounded lava of presumably 300,000 years old.
ushinohanazura The other falls are estimated to be 54,000 years old, in which columnar joint can be observed. It takes about 20 minutes to walk from Ichinotorii to Gandate Park.

Hydrangea involucrata

Hydrangea involucrata

From late July to early August, you will see wild Hydrangea along the trail.

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