Hida-Osaka Falls

Neonotaki - Hida-Osaka Falls - Hida-Osaka's 200 Waterfalls - Gero city, Gifu prefecture, Japan

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  • Difficulty Level 1
  • Hiking time 4
  • Number of falls 1
  • Sneakers OK

Neonotaki is the only waterfall in Osaka which was registered as one of "THE 100 WATERFALLS OF JAPAN".
Beautiful, magnificent, exquisite… The authority selected top 100 water falls in Japan as worth visiting.


Neonotaki 63m(207feet)

Among those 200 falls scattered around the Osaka region, Neonotaki, with its 63m(207feet) height, proudly presents its majestic figure. Even getting splashed, you might have an awe-inspiring emotion. You can get closer to the basin by carefully fording the creek.


On your way to Neonotaki, which is about an hour’s hike, you can take a break at the observation platform. From there, Amadoriiwa(“boulder of swallow” in Japanese), can be seen. If you find nesting of house martins in spring or a Japanese serow on a gigantic bluff in any season of the year, you should think yourself lucky.

Clothing and Gear

Used sneakers or hiking boots, which fit your feet
Rain gear and extra shirt or sweater
Packed lunch

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