Hida-Osaka Falls

Sennindaki - Hida-Osaka Falls - Hida-Osaka's 200 Waterfalls - Gero city, Gifu prefecture, Japan

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  • Difficulty Level 1
  • Hiking time 2
  • Number of falls 4
  • Sneakers OK

These falls listed below are located in altitude 1800m( 5900 feet). Most of them can be seen from the trail or Nigorigo-spa resort area. Along the forest trail in this sub alpine zone, you will find some curious trees and plants such as luminous moss.


Sennindaki 30m(98feet)

Follow the Ontake mountain trail through the primeval forest. In 10 minutes, you will come to a fork. Take the right-hand road, and you will find Sennindaki in about 5 minutes. Around Sennindaki you will enjoy the beautiful moss-grown area as well as subtle sulfuric smell.

Mumeinotaki "the fall with no name"

You can see Mumeinotaki and its reddish water from Takebashi-bridge, just below where Kusakidani creek runs into Nigorigo river.

Shiraitonotaki  15m(50feet)

Follow the trail further, and you can see two tributaries, Yunotani creek and Nigorigo river, joining together. This is where another fall Shiraitonotaki is waiting for you with its charming milky white drape.

Hinotaki 20m(66feet)

Hinotaki is the fall you will visit at the end of the tour.
It is easily accessible from Nigorigo-spa resort by following a well-maintained lane.
The illumination of the waterfall has been popular among spa resort visitors.
Although this fall is named Hino, which means reddish, it now looks rather milky white affected by hot spring water.

Info hikarigoke

Sub alpine zone hiking entertains you with of the area as well as various forms of life: 500-year-old trees, plants, wild birds and animals.

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Clothing and Gear
Used sneakers or hiking boots, which fit your feet
Rain gear

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