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Prepare Your Visit - Hida-Osaka Falls - Hida-Osaka's 200 Waterfalls - Gero city, Gifu prefecture, Japan

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Preparing for Waterfalls Tour
Preparing for Waterfalls Tour
  • Waterfalls around Hida-Osaka are mostly located in 700m-2100m elevation band (2297-6890 feet).
  • The weather in the mountains changes suddenly, and the temprature may go dowan as low as 10℃(50℉)even in mid-summer, which may chill your body.
    It is recommended to bring another shirt, socks and rain gear.
  • The following tours include wading or fording on route:
    Siodaki Shokedaki, Iwaorenotaki, Senjonotaki Ryumonnotaki, Kaironotaki and Hyakkendaki Tours.
Clothing and Gear
Clothing Long sleeves in any seasons, quick-drying underwear, roomy pants
Footwear Sturdy-soled mountain-climbing boots or light-weight trekking boots
Rain gear Prepare rain gear anytime. A jacket and pants(separated) preferable.
Socks Thick socks, woolen socks are preferable to keep you warm.
Gloves To protect your hands. Guntes(Japanese cotton work gloves) will be fine.
Hat For protection from the sun.
Extra Clothing In case you get wet from sweating or rain.
Other Items
backpack To keep your hands free.
Towel Washcloth or bandana can be substituted.
Health Insurance Certificate Xerox copy will be fine.
Plastic Blanket. If necessary
First-aid Kit Guide will provide a basic first-aid kit. Bring your own needed medicine if necessary.
Tissue Bring water-soluble tissue.
Insect Repellent In summer to avoid mosquitoes.
Food and Drink Bring your own lunch and drink. Box lunch available for extra charge.
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